Website Maintenance Services

Cronlab Technologies provides website maintenance for organizations that need their site care streamlined and not worried about any rising issues, helping businesses over the globe improve the execution and security of their sites. Regardless of whether you're searching for a month to month, hourly, or nightfall site maintenance plan, Cronlab Technologies will give you the experience and investment to take care of your site like we would do the same for ours.

    • Hourly Support

      $ 85-120 Per Hour/Minutes Billed on Hourly or Minutes Used
      • Marketing, Design, and
      • development support
      • Billed at 1-hour increments
      • No minimum service requirements
      • Site Health Care Report When
      • Service is Finished
    • Monthly Support

      $ 50-300 /month Billed every month 30 days Recurring
      • Monthly Updates for WordPress
      • Site health Care Report
      • Analytics Reporting
      • Scripting For Every Required language
      • (PHP, JAVA, ASP)
    • Full Support

      $ 1100-2000 /month Get Cronlab Technologies support anywhere anytime
      • 24/7/365 Support Availability
      • 25 hours of developer time included with
      • each month
      • Detailed Monthly Site Reports
      • (health, analytics, status, etc)
      • Issued bugs fixed withen 24 hours or your
      • money back guarantee

Website Maintenance Tailored to Your Business

With each online inquiry, users that browse will most likely find a new product, company, or service for a better company. They visit your site, investigate your items, see the different products or service your company offers, and get an initial introduction of your business. That early introduction can represent the deciding moment for your next client.

Today this becomes very important, this reality makes site maintenance the best need.

Choosing Cronlab Technologies brings your company with a custom and exhaustive site maintenance plan that enables your business to convey a quick, secure, and consistent online experience.

Get in touch with us online today with a Call or Email so we can find your site maintenance needs

Cronlab Tecnologies Website Maintenance Includes

Updating site is an essential part for keeping your site most importantly secure and setting up for maximum performance, our team will monitor your website 24 hours and update any needed themes, plugins, etc. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to include new images, delete any pages, modify links, change any texts in any page, we are here to meet those needs.

  • Text: Add any new or delete old text on pages
  • Photos: retouching any images, formats, or deletion
  • Pages: Adding any pages, moving content, or deletion
  • Navigation: Menu item changing, location, or content on menu (Adding or Removing)
  • File downloads: Uploading any new files (Image files, PDF, or any other format that is compatible)
  • Videos: Adding or deleting of any new or existing videos for promotion or content
  • Links: Adding or changing any links (Updated emails or Phone Numbers)
  • Color and background images: Color changes inside theme or text

If you need any more information feel to contact us with any questions or concerns!

With our maintenance packages,, your organization likewise gets access to our excellent tech support. With the aptitude of our development group, your business can get help with an assortment of difficulties, such as a business email address set up.

If you need more support you also have the option to request consulting as part of your maintenance packages (Maintenance packages may differ).

Regardless of whether you pick a monthly, hourly, or after-hours site support service, your team has the option to use our scripting services for select programming capacities.

For instance, if your organization needs to make another contact form, we can help you with the procedure of that dynamic form’s format and reconciliation. On the off chance that you do have database programming needs, you can talk with your account agent.

WordPress is a great and popular option for companies to choose as their CMS, which is the reason our site maintenance packages incorporate WordPress support. With your maintenance package, our team can help you with WordPress updates and security patches for your organization.

WordPress Updates are an important part of keeping your site safe and fast for your visitors, many WordPress updates also include security patches that can be critical for the performance and safety of your site.

For companies that choose Magneto as their CMS, we likewise incorporate Magento support in our site maintenance packages. Our team can get you up to date with the latest version of Magneto version and safe updating.

Just like our WordPress support, it is very important to keep a CMS and it’s inner components (Plugins, Themes, etc.) up to date and running on the latest version to ensure proper performance.

With all of our maintenance packages, we send out monthly detailed Analytic data, performance and security reports for your site. Reports give information on your site’s traffic, featuring your best-performing pages, development from Google Analytics (Preferred) or your choice of Analytics company, included in the report is also a security and performance (Loading Speeds) overview that’s captured your site.

We understand that your sites up-time is essential, with all of our maintenance packages we include turnaround times, in the event there an issue with your site (Bug, security issue, or downtime), we give 2 day turn-around time for our basic package, 24 hour turn-around time for  our silver and advanced maintenance packages, if we dont meet these turn-around times your money back guarantee for the billing increment.