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In the present digital world, your site is the primary interaction consumers have with your business — which is the reason very nearly 90 percent of a client's early impressions goes to your website design. It's additionally why website design can major affect on your company.

That is the reason more organizations are reconsidering their web design but also joining forces with Cronlab Technologies, the website design agency that is determent to deliver the best results and the most traffic in their industry. Call us today at 503-506-7076 to start designing your site or get in touch with us online to talk to us more about your business!

What do web design services from Cronlab Technologies include?

Our company tailors our website design service to your companies needs. That is the reason you can modify each element of our services to your company, products, service, and objectives. The outcome is a site that your company — and your visitors — love.

See more about our web design services below:


We amplify the results of your web design or redesign, just as improve your digital advertising technique, by guaranteeing your site pursues best practices for search engine optimization (SEO). SEO can allude to an wide number of procedures that improve your site's positioning for more relavant search results.


With our website design service, you can depend on our designers to make each page of your site.

Regardless of whether you're a ecommerce store, specialist organization, or brick and mortar, our designers can make the website pages that your company needs to inform, reach, and convert your targeted consumer. As a full-service digital marketing company, we also offer content marketing to bring down your customer acquisition.

Simply get in touch with us online in the case you have more than 100 pages to be developed, our accomplished team will help you with the best quote for the pages your site needs, regardless of whether it's 100, 300, or more.

You can reach out to us if you need help on how many pages your website needs.we can give you years of experience the best suggestions to bring your website design alive. Simply give us a call at 503-567-7076 to chat.


It's fundamental that your site shows your companies brand, which is the reason our website design's incorporate unlimited style choices. For instance, if your organization requires a modern design that requires the quality and value scope of your service or product, we can achieve that for your design.

Extra instances of site styles include:

Simple and attracting

Moderate styling

High end


Our website designs can include all kind of styles, even no styling options, to give you the best quote. We don't restrict you to just a few styles, so you can put your own twist any way you want it.

We urge you to share your style preferences when talking with our team. Your dedicated agent will invest the time to learn more about your business, the vision, and your goals. That allows us to make a custom, unique site that is tailored to your needs.


For best results, we additionally offer site copy-writing with our website design service. We highlight an accomplished and concentrated group of marketing specialists. With their skill in specialized and non-specialized enterprises, we can make convincing copys that is interative and can convert your website visitors.

We offer three site copywriting levels, which include:

5 to 10 pages

10 to 25 pages

25 to 50 pages

If additional pages are needed, we can customize your quote for the best price and meet your needs.

With our website copywriting service, we improve your site for the best SEO results. Our digital marketing experts search for the best important keywords for your business, industry, and website pages, which our marketing specialists at that point use to upgrade your pages.

When a typical consumer searches for a keyword, your site shows up close to the highest point of searched lists. That is a monstrous advantage, as 72 percent of visitors on search engines don't go past the first page — in fact, 28 percent of all search engine traffic goes to the first site showed, this creates easiblity for your potential customer.


Our website design service also extends to Responsive designs. We suggest responsive design
to our clients that tend to have most of their users acquired through a smartphone.

Having a Responsive website can also give more reach, in that more than 70 percent of all trafic from the internet comes from smartphone users. On top of that, when optimizing your site with our SEO package, it is best to note that most search engines index websites based on its usability on a cross-platform scale, our SEO packages come with a complete optimization of your site with every platform.

This is a major component of your online presence being that in the event, you don't choose these options your site can lead to lower ranking in search engines, it is highly recommended you get SEO and a Responsive design in package to bring out the best results possible.


With the increasing number of data being gathered everyday a database is essential for a business. We give have full services to provide the best database integration's as possible, which we separate into three levels — essential, progressed, and full development. In the event that your business doesn't require a database incorporation, you can choose, "none," and get the basic functionality for free.

When choosing on of our database design packages our team of developers and design work together to give the ultimate results that your company was looking for.

Talk with on of our experts in database and design development today to learn more about database integration's and designing and fulfill your businesses needs.


As online shopping as at a steady increase having an ecommerce is essential when selling a product online. We offer three levels for ecommerce development — simple, advanced, and enterprise. Talk to one of our reps today to get the best results in ecommerce.

Our team of specialists can help the best practices for your ecommerce store, our strategists can help you plan the perfect ecommerce store with our developers and designers to give your the best results on your UX (User Experience) and ROI.


A CMS is another discretionary option for your website functionality.

Regardless of whether you're an ecommerce store or informational site, a CMS offers huge value. Most impotantly, a CMS can streamline a companies content that will ultimatly organize your marketing plans.

Our packages include three options for a CMS that is basic, advanced, and enterprise, we recommend atlest a basic CMS, which we can give for free with all our web design services, and can be upgraded in the future as your needs change.

Web design services from Cronlab Technologies serve your companies ultimate needs, all while giving you the most customization so you can have a website that drives results and engages more visitors.

Email or Call us today to get the best quote and serve your visitors needs!


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Our design packages touches on every aspect of thinking, strategies and innovation, and design management. Giving your website the most modern technology and scale-ability that meets your companies needs wherever you go.
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