Our focus is dependably on driving genuine results for our customers. That is the reason we want to make it as simple as possible for you to begin creating leads online with Rapid Web. We make the design procedure easy by offering three layout alternatives. Every one is structured with the objective of converting over new leads, and they’re likewise responsive – implying that the majority of your visitors use your website with any device or browser.
Once you pick the format that is most appropriate for your needs and objectives, you’ll work with a dedicated project manager to build up sitemap design, visitor experience, and conversion rate pre-planning. From that point, we’ll request a couple of key details (like the logo, marking, and pictures), and get a head start on launching your website in less than 30 days. These rapid web configuration plans incorporate the hosting of your site, 20 pages of content, and 3 custom lead forms- at the end of the day, all that you have to illuminate your guests and convert them into customers.
They additionally incorporate 3 hours of configuration time to modify template colors, buttons, images, and content to accomplish a customized look. The last item is a site that shows your brand, gives your intended audiences the info they need, and fills in as a significant lead generating tool for your business.

Project Deliveries

Lead-Driven Design

Every one of our templates are intended to convey a solid effect to get leads

3 Theme Options

Customize the look and format of the lead-driven design to keep up the trustworthiness of your brand

3 Design Hours

A designer will tweak format website sections, colors, and buttons to accomplish a customized look


The site will be developed and built in WordPress within the 30 day period when receiving the content

Google Analytics

Setup of Google Analytics can also be enabled tracking of visitors, reporting, and analytics of your data

20 Pages of Content

Our group of talented copywriters will write the best visitor engaging content with rich keywords to get maximum SEO

5 Benifts Of Rapid Web Design

Take a look at these 5 benefits of rapid web design to see how 30-day web design services from Cronlab Technologies can help you earn more leads and revenue.

Rapid Web websites are purely designed to convert visitors and increase your leads for your business.

Rapid Web sites are absolutely designed to change over guests and increment your leads for your business.Working with an undertaking supervisor, you’ll will have hte ablility to set up your sitemap, user experience, and conversion rate goals. On top of that the Rapid Web package will also come with 20 pages of content and 3 custom lead forms to enable you to reach and convert over more clients.

Increasing your revenue consists of you bring your business online properly with an incredible site that draws in clients and makes it simple for them to discover the data they need.

Rapid Web plans from Cronlab Technologies can help you rapidly support web traffic, leads, and revenue.

Our Rapid Web sites are finished in 30 days, and they are designed to enable you to win more leads and income on the web.

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A custom, RapidWeb site will enable you to expand brand awareness and make it less demanding for clients and potential clients to perceive your business online.

Our RapidWeb plans join your current into one of our custom templates. Components like your logo and images add to a steady brand identity, and we’ll make certain to incorporate them on your new site.

All our templates of our Rapid Web sites are developed utilizing responsive design, so consumers will have an incredible experience regardless of what device or browser they use.

If you need to acquire more clients and income on the web, you have to ensure visitors have a positive affair on your site. Furthermore, Rapid Web gives all that you need to build an engaging experience and converting consumers.

The Rapid Web package additionally encourages your guests to spend more time on your site. With Rapid Web, you can connect with visitors so they can get familiar with your business and eventually progressed toward becoming clients.

Our streamlined content design will make it simple for visitors to discover the info they need from your site. Furthermore, our beautiful designs will keep them on your site for longer time-frames.

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