Best PPC Landing Page Services

A great PPC campaign starts with a solid design. A Landing Page Design is ideal for companies that want the best impact and reach on their impacted audiences, With a landing page design and a focused advertising and marketing campaign will help you earn the most conversions for your business.

Unbeatable Packages for you!

Choose a package that suits your every need for building a website. If you find it hard to make a decision, contact us for more information and advice.
$ 1,400
  • Fully Responsive Design Across All Devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
  • Landing page programming/build
  • Time frame: 3 weeks
  • 24/7 Extentedable Free 3 month Support
Dynamic W/Testing
$ 2,500
  • Fully Responsive Design Across All Devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
  • Landing page programming/build: 1 iteration
  • Multivariate conversion testing: 1 iteration
  • Time frame: 7 weeks
  • 24/7 Extentedable Free 3 month Support
Fully Optimized
$ 3,200
  • Fully responsive design across all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Landing page programming/build: 3 iterations
  • Multivariate conversion testing: 3 iterations
  • Time frame: 10-14 weeks
  • 24/7 Extentedable Free 3 month Support

PPC Landing Page Design Services

At Cronlab Technologies, We Create

  • Every Landing Page Design created has a merit with your brand and its focus
  • Targeted, engaging, and focused to bring the most conversions out of your marketing campaign
  • A clear path to that is targeted to go after the audience your campaign is looking for
Check out our pricing table below to see what’s included in each of our plans, and to learn more about how PPC can drive results for your business.
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Fully Responsive Design Across All Devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
project management timeline
dedicated agent per project
tracking conversion rates
market RESEARCH for campaign
STRATIFY to convert
Landing page designUnlimited PagesUnlimited Pages
Landing page programming/build1 Page2 Page3 Pages
Multivariate conversion testing1 Page3 Iterations
COPY-WRITING1 Pages3 Pages
User testing
automatic alerts
Confirmation/Thank you page
PPC campaign review
Flash/jQuery interactive calls to action
Conversion path implementation
Lead forms integrated into CRM (ex.,, etc)
Performance testing
Conversion reports
Call trackingAdditional $150Additional $150
Database integrationBy QuoteBy QuoteBy Quote
Video creation & implementationBy QuoteBy QuoteBy Quote
Time frame4 weeks6 weeks10 to 12 weeks

What is PPC?

PPC is a paid marketing strategy that allows you to introduce your service or product to a targeted audience and bring the best leads. PPC Ads can appear in search engine ads or social media networks inside a targeted audiences feed.

To get started with PPC ads, you have the find the best keywords that match your product or service. This allows you to reach the best targeted audience you wished for.

Once you find which keywords are best to use, you will bid for a ad placement. You will set your maximum bid your willing to pay each time on of your targeted audiences clicks on your ad. This amount can vary in the time or day the ad was placed or shown to the audience requested.

Next your ready to launch your ad and get the leads your looking for.

We recommend using social media ads for most companies since they have shown to be more effective and rich in targeting the audience you wish to reach.

Why do I need PPC landing pages?

In order to bring the maximum amount of leads to your businesses from a PPC a well designed landing page ideal for companies that want to maximize their growth on their online marketing efforts.

Landing Page design brings your targeted customer to a page that is easily navigable and is focused on your goal of your PPC, which could to make a purchase a product or get in touch today, this creates feasibility for your audience since, the landing page has one goal and that is to bring your business to that potential customer.

To make this a bit more clear, landing pages give your potential customer that clicked on your ad guidance instead of leading your visitor to a home page that is likely not gonna sell what you wanted to promote in the first place.

Without a landing page for your PPC ad, your visitors are likely to be guided to the homepage of your website, this creates unfocused agenda of acquiring a customer and creates more hassle for your customer rather than selling them on the purpose of your PPC ad goal.


People want consistency, and landing pages are the most ideal approach to achieve this. At last, you're limiting disturbances and diversions, and streamlining your business pipe.


Landing pages likewise take into consideration significantly more sorted out, available information. In case you're simply channeling all traffic to your landing page, it will be hard or difficult to enhance for better client measurements.

Rolling out one single improvement on your landing page influences everybody who arrives on it, so regardless of whether you knock up the change rate for a particular statistic, you might be unfavorably influenced the transformation rate for different demographics .

Landing pages go about as segments, and they let you improve explicit and precisely for a scope of various traffic types.

How much does a landing page cost?

The price for a landing page shifts. One landing page price is affected by the measure of development, testing, content, and optimization that goes into creating the best landing page. A basic PPC landing page may not cost a lot by any stretch of the imagination, while a mind boggling web-based social networking landing page with enhancements or solid invitations to take action may require a bigger speculation.

When you procure an advanced showcasing organization, the expense can run from $1,400 to $3,200, contingent on the degree of the plan and enhancement. In the event that you have an increasingly multifaceted landing page thought, you can hope to pay more for it.

You can discover all the data you need on landing page cost, and Cronlab Technologies internet based life and PPC landing page evaluating, by alluding to the graph above.

Role of landing pages

Consumers reach your landing pages in two principal ways: through web-based life (like Facebook Pages, Twitter, etc) or by means of PPC promoting. Every strategy decides the objective of the landing pages. Peruse on to find out about the components that sway the landing page configuration price for every one of these options.
  • PPC landing pages. These landing pages are the arrangement closers of your online advertisements or PPC battles. Each PPC advertisement battle requires a particular landing page, custom fitted and tried to change over an entirely characterized gathering of guests. The landing page is your first and most obvious opportunity to divert a guest from a PPC crusade into a customer. Using Google’s Website Optimizer instrument, Cronlab Technologies can try different things with various forms of your landing page as effectively as various advertisement creatives in your PPC battle. We reliably test to discover the form that changes over the most guests, adjusting PPC landing page formats to ensure you have one that is custom-made to your business. Landing pages not just change over clients, they likewise demonstrate how well your promoting effort is performing. By following what number of changes happen from the one of a kind landing pages, you know whether your Internet promoting effort is a triumph or needs some adjusting. To guarantee your PPC landing pages are exact proportions of your battle, they ought not to be available through some other methods than the first source, regardless of whether that be an email, online pennant advertisements, web crawler postings, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In contrast to alternate pages in your website, landing pages ought not to be indexable via seeking engines.
  • Social media landing page These landing pages are intended to become a web sensation in online networks, for example, Twitter or Facebook. It could be an intriguing blog entry, an exhaustive rundown of assets, or breaking industry news that gets individuals talking and directs people to your website. The best landing page plans will pipe traffic to your site for quite a long time, or even years, after they’re created. Successful online networking landing pages contain three vital components, including intriguing substance, importance, and handiness. Those that are missing one of these components require a landing page redesign. The most bookmarked web-based life landing pages contain instruments that can be referenced later. Web-based life clients never need to forget about an instrument that can improve their lives. Clients will be bound to bookmark and advance a page offering valuable content. The structure of internet-based life landing pages contrasts than the plan of customary PPC landing pages on the grounds that the objectives are extraordinary. The purpose isn’t to change over to a deal however convert a guest into a supporter of your site. By posting your online life landing pages for others to see and eventually share with others, your website is presently being connected and relinked, a vital component to expanding your guest traffic. Unlike PPC landing pages, web-based life landing pages should be catchphrase explicit and connection to different pages inside your webpage. The more indexable they are, the more others will discover the landing pages and bookmark or offer with others. Cronlab Technologies conveys landing pages with structures that convert. Hues, illustrations, content format, and more are viewed as when planning effective landing pages. We know the prescribed procedures, patterns, and client expectations to give you landing pages that nearby the deal. Call 503-506-7076 or get in touch with us online to figure out how landing page configuration can support your internet promoting changes and direct people to your site.

8 key elements for growt-driving landing pages

There are many elements you’ll want to include on your landing page to drive the best results. Let’s look at eight key elements that have an impact on your landing page.

The purpose of a landing page is to give a progressively engaged experience to your targeted audience. You will most likely get them to purchase an item or get in touch for a service. Landing page give the best results when targeted to strong audience and an ad that is focused to acquire customers using a product high turn over rate, and can up-sell your already acquired customer to more services or products.

Landing pages can be targeted with a rich context with the industry your in.

Landing pages also have the most effect when it is targeted for a specific product or service.

In the event that you need to make a powerful landing page, you should invest your resources to developing a stronger design. In addition to that you want an eye-catching ad that can attract your product to that certain audience and capture your brand. Brand acknowledgment is an essential piece of PPC. Regardless of whether individuals don’t change over in the wake of tapping on your advertisement, they are as yet presented to your image.

They get comfortable with it and get familiar with your business.This satisfies down the line when leads are prepared to settle on the correct item or administration for them. They will recall your image and pick your image over the competition.When you structure your landing page, center around making a basic, yet attractive plan. You’ll need to utilize the most available colors and fonts that show your business. This causes you construct consistency with who your brand is. You’ll help consumers remain connected on your page and turn out to be increasingly acquainted with your brand.

Once someone clicks your PPC ad, the principal thing they will see on your page is the headline. In the event that you need to have an effect on your consumers, you should make your feature interesting. A plain or generic headline wont convert visitors. A PPC ad will vary for every business, but the whole idea is to make something that is engaging and can attract your targeted audience to make a decision.

Visuals play an important role on your landing page. They increase engagement and break up the text on your page. Visuals can also help you direct people’s attention to a certain part of your landing page.

So, what type of visuals can you include?

Typically, you’ll want to stick to one photo or video. If you add too many visuals, your page will get cluttered and overwhelming. You don’t want your audience to lose sight of the goal of your page.

Photos are a great addition to your landing page. If you’re selling a product, you can feature that product through your photo. It’s a great opportunity for you to show the product in action.

If you’re offering a service, you can use a photo of someone in your company uniform. With photos of people, it’s a great opportunity to use that photo to direct people’s attention to your information.

You can have that person pointing or facing towards the information. Your audience’s eye will naturally follow their direction and look at the text. This helps get them focused on the important information on your page.

As an alternative, you can include a video. Videos are extremely effective on landing pages. In fact, videos increase conversions on your landing page by 86 percent.

Videos are great for keeping your audience engaged on your page. They will watch the video about your product or service and learn more about your business. It’s wonderful for brand exposure and sharing valuable information quickly with your audience.

If you want to create an effective landing page, you must add a visual element. It will keep your page interesting and engaging for your audience. The longer your audience spends on your landing page, the more likely they are to choose your business and convert.

Landing page call to actions (CTA) is the most important amongst other elements on your landing page design. It might be the distinction between somebody taking action and purchase your product or service or someone that goes back and looks for another company. In the event that you need individuals to make the following decision, you should focus on making a significant CTA. CTA control how you bring your leads to conversions. When they look at your page, they might need to make the following decision.

Without a CTA, your audience won’t realize how to make the following decision or what the subsequent stage is!CTAs are urgent for transforming leads into transformations. They assume an essential job in getting your group of onlookers to change over on your landing page. So, how would you make a significant CTA? The most vital part is that you be clear with it. A nonexclusive CTA won’t cut it. You should tell your group of onlookers precisely what will occur in the event that they click on your CTA button.

This implies no nonexclusive CTAs like “Download Now” or “Snap Here.” Instead, you’re consolidating CTAs like “Download your free guide now!” or “Discover how you can set aside extra cash today!”With these CTAs, your gathering of people realizes that they will get a free guide or discover how to set aside some cash. They know precisely what will occur on the off chance that they decide to proceed. A viable CTA will enable you to win progressively important transformations for your business.

Your landing page is an open door for you to pitch yourself to leads. You need to demonstrate to them why your service or product is the best. You need to cover every signal that you are the right company for your targeted audience, you’ll help assert the conviction that your business is the best option. So, what trust elements should you incorporate into your landing page? The most regular trust signals are grants, awards, and testimonials. If your company has an award-winning product or service, be sure to incorporate that into your landing page. It’s an extraordinary selling point that explains to your audience why your business is the best choice. You can pull explicit customer tributes that confirm your service or product. Testimonials give confirmation that others have had a positive involvement with your service or product. It enables work to trust with your business.

Individuals won’t see your landing page exclusively on a desktop platform. With that smartphones have turned out to be progressively increasingly popular, so you should adjust your landing pages to look great on mobile and be cross-platform native.

One of the most ideal approaches to do this is by executing a responsive structure. The responsive plan guarantees that your page adjusts to whatever device a client is utilizing.

This enables them to have the best understanding of your site. When you have a page with a responsive structure, you make a superior ordeal for your portable clients. This prompts longer engagement and more changes for your business.

Numerous amount of companies will incorporate forms on their landing pages to catch data from their audience. In case you’re intending to utilize a form on your landing page, keep it short and simple. People would prefer not to invest their time and energy in a lengthy form. You will risk losing leads if your form takes too long to even think about filling out.

To keep this from occurring, request a couple of essential bits of information. Most organizations will stick to requesting a first name, last name, and email. These snippets of data are sufficient for you to begin reaching that lead. You can get increasingly significant data later through an email promoting campaign. By keeping your forms short, you’ll urge more individuals to furnish their data and offer it with you.

This encourages you to get increasingly profitable leads for your business.

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